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I have been collecting data on the Fay family tree for only a few months. This database is everything that I have been able to piece together, up to this point, that connects. If information has been donated by fellow researchers, I have given the credit to each of those people. If I have neglected to give credit due, please let me know and I will correct the omission. If you find mistakes or would like to add to this database please let me know.



Fay Family Trees

Descendants of David Henry Fay

gallery/desc of david henry fay to me

Direct descendant line from David Henry Fay to Susan Q Knittle (Fay) 

gallery/susan direct line to john fay

Direct descendant line  from John Fay, son of David Henry Fay,

to Susan Q Knittle-Fay

*Comprehensive Collection of Descendants of

John Fay Sr 1648 From the Fay Family Tree*





History of The Fay Family Prior to John Fay Sr

Pages 1-18





Index to the Entire Fay Tree


From The Fay Family Page
(Orlin P Fay Tree)



More Fay Family Data From 

The John Fay Homepage




gallery/harry emerson knittle (fay)