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Adam Knittle Jr. Archives Records-Deeds-Letters

Adam Knittle was born in 1820 in Fairfield Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania; the son of Adam Knittle and Elizabeth Taiger. He married Sophia Day on January 14, 1849 in Fairfield Township. He fought in the Civil War and died in Washington, D. C. of his injuries, August 13, 1864.

The following documents are the contents of his military records and other records. His wife needed to prove her marriage to him and the births of their children in order to receive money from the government after he died. There is quite a bit of genealogy information in these letters and documents.

Adam Knittle Jr. belonged to the Eighty-Ninth Regiment--Eighth Cavalry during the Civil War. He was a private. His name was misspelled;Knuttle;.

Reference: History of Lycoming County, page 442-443