Knittle, Fay, Weasner & Duggins Genealogy

Abraham Knittle and Descendants 


Photos by Mary Jane McGuire 



Knittle Photographs From Mary Jane McGuire
(a descendant of Abraham Knittel/Knittle and Rebecca Knittle)
Mary Jane McGuire:

To help clarify who the people in the picture are and how Mary Jane McGuire connects to the Knittle genealogy, I have included her line back to Joseph Knittel/Knittle.


Ancestors of Mary Jane McGuire

Generation No. 1

Mary Jane Speidel

Generation No. 2

Herman J. Speidel
Child of Herman J. Speidel is:
i. Mary Jane Speidel, married John McGuire.

Generation No. 3

Edward H. Speidel
He married Mary Chlopak/Hlopak.

Child of Edward Speidel and Mary Chlopak/Hlopak is:
i. Herman J. Speidel.

Generation No. 4

Ludwig "Lewis" Speidel

He married Rebecca Knittle.

Child of Ludwig Speidel and Rebecca Knittle is:
i. Edward H. Speidel, married Mary Chlopak/Hlopak.

Generation No. 5

Abraham Jr. Knittel

He married Susanna Riegel.

Children of Abraham Knittel and Susanna Riegel are:
i. Joseph Knittle
ii. Missouri Knittle
iii. Caroline Knittle
iv. Sabilla Knittle
v. Rebecca Knittle

Generation No. 6

Abraham Sr. Knittel/Knittle

He married Anna " Barbara".

Children of Abraham Knittel/Knittle and Anna Barbara" are:
i. Mary 'Polly' Knittle
ii. George Knittle
iii. Cathrina Knittle
iv. Abraham Jr. Knitte v. Liddia (Lydia) Knittle
vi. William Knittle
vii. John Knittel
viii. Betty Knittle

Generation No. 7

John Adam Knittel/Knittle
He married Elisabeth (Steinin?).

Children of John Knittel/Knittle and Elisabeth (Steinin?) are:
i. Johann 'Adam' Knittle
ii. Frederich Knittle
iii. Abraham Sr. Knittel/Knittle
iv. Esther Knittle
v. Child Knittle
vi. Daniel Sr. Knittle
vii. J. Jacob Knittle
viii. Benjamin Knittle, Sr

Generation No. 8

Michael Joseph Knittel/Knittle 

He married Anna Schatz.


Children of Michael Knittel/Knittle and Anna (Schats)(Shatzin) are:
i. Johan "Freiderich" K. Knittle

ii. John Adam Knittel/Knittle
iii. Michael Jr. (Knittle) Knittel
iv. John "George" Knittle
v. Daniel Knittle
vi. Cristina Knittle
vii. Catherine Rosina Knittle
viii. Catharina Maria Knittle

Generation No. 9

Joseph (Josef) Knittel




Mary Jane McGuire in Ireland 2007


Mary Jane McGuire in Ireland 2007


John and Mary Jane McGuire in Ireland 2007


Mary Jane McGuire age 8 (about 1967) with her Uncle Ed Speidel (right), her dad's oldest brother and her father's cousin Julian Nagy or Julian Hlopak.


Father of Mary Jane McGuire, Herman J. Speidel (b. 4/23/2003 d. 8/8/2003). His grandmother was Rebecca Knittle.

Documents for Adam Knittle Sr.
Documents for Rebecca Knittle and Family
(Worth seeing...they are beautiful!)