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Duggins Coat of Arms/Heraldry

Duggins Coat of Arms/Heraldry


This Duggins Coat of Arms was provided by Kathleen Everett; great-granddaughter of Alexander Campbell Duggins born march 20, 1851, in Kentucky and Mary Crutchfield, grandaughter of John Medium Duggins born May 7, 1880 in Kentucky and Amanda Elizabeth Pirtle.

The following pictures and information were provided by Gail Duggins. He is the great-grandson of Benjamin David Duggins and the grandson of Jesse Duggins.

gallery/dugginsirish duggins_coat_of_arms_1017

This is the Irish version of the Duggins Coat of Arms, thanks to Gail Duggins' visit to Ireland. He also provided the following:

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gallery/dugginscoat of arms ireland
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The Coats of Arm cross over for Duggins, Duggan and Duggans. Gail believes that the Duggins name is a derivitive of Duggan.


"Susan, According to this certificate I picked up several years ago, the DUGGINS surname is English, could be it was derived from DUGGAN. Not ready to say. I have one coat of arms for Duggins and a different one for Duggan for what it's worth."

(Gail Duggins)