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Most of the Duggins lines in the United States appear to descend from Ellick Duggins Sr born in Ireland in 1725. Not much else is known about him at this time except that he had 4 sons: Ellick Duggins Jr born about 1747; Alexander Duggins Sr born about 1750 in Amherst County, Virginia; William D Duggins Sr born about 1751; and Benjamin Duggins born about 1765.

The two main lines that have been identified are these two sons of Ellick Duggins Sr. Alexander Duggins Sr. born about 1750 was the father of David Duggins Sr.; Elijah Duggins Sr.; Alexander Duggins Jr.; Daniel Duggins, Richard Duggins, William Duggins, Stephen Duggins Sr. and Priscilla Duggins. William D. Duggins Sr. may not be the son of Ellick born about 1751 was the father of 13 children: William D. Duggins Jr.; John D. Duggins; George Duggins; Robert Duggins; James Duggins; Lewis H. Duggins; James Duggins; Pouncy Duggins; Jefferson Duggins; Fleming Perkins Duggins; Franklin Adderson Duggins; Thomas Crutchfield Duggins; Edmund Pendleton Duggins and Jane Duggins. The Brickwalls: We are attempting to make the following connections: Ellick Duggins Sr. is believed to have been born in County Cork, Ireland. Some speculation indicates he may have been born in Redditch, England. Where does Ellick come from? John Duggins {} hired a noted genealogist, Paul Cotter, in County Cork, Ireland to research our Ellick Duggins Sr. He has a 3 page report he is willing to share for anyone who would like to contact him. He continues to research the Irish connection. Reuben Duggins was born in 1780 in King Willliams, Virginia. He married Margaret Deatrick. This line settled in Harrison, Indiana. How is he related to Ellick? One line of the Duggins family moved to and settled in Stokes County, North Carolina." Which line? We know of a William "Boney" Duggins also a Paulina Norton Duggins. How do they connect?

Estill Duggins married an Evangeline Curry in Harrison County, Kentucky. His birth was either in Missouri or Indiana. She was from Allegheny, Pennsylvania. To which line does Estill Duggins belong? ("It was not Estill Duggins but Alexander Duggins, a son of Reuben Duggins, who married Evangiline Curry. It was his second marriage." This information is from Estill Duggins) A Moses Duggins ends up in Randolph County, Missouri in the mid 1800's. Where did he come from originally? This line is connected with a Crutchfield family.

Walter D. Duggins and Nellie (?) Hartley lived in Mooreland, Oklahoma. Who do they connect with? Walter's father joined the circus. A Duggins family lived in Walnut Cove, Stokes County, North Carolina. Calvin Rufus Duggins was married to Ida Davis Lewis. How do they fit ? Researchers S. Q. Knittle: Researching descendants and ancestry of Ellick Duggins born in 1725, Ireland. Her line is as follows: Ellick Duggins; Alexander Duggins born 1750 Amherst County, Virginia married to Mary; Daniel Duggins born bef. 1773 in Virginia married to Elizabeth; John Duggins born abt 1794 married to Martha "Patsy" Luttrell; Daniel Duggins born abt 1825 in Gerrard County, Virginia married to Mary Kidd; Alexander Campbell Duggins born March 20, 1851 in Kentucky married (5 times) Martha Critchfield (my line), Sarah Elizabeth (Taylor) Stinnet, Minerva J. ?, and Cynthia A.?; William "Leonard" Duggins born April 6, 1877 in Kentucky married Carrie Adeline Alexander (my line), Mary Wilskey and Freida ?; Louis "Denzel" Duggins born July 20, 1905, in Moberly, Randolph County, Missouri married Quentine Juanita Alsup; (my line), Geraldine Lawrence and Bernadine Smart; Lahlee Duggins born March 15, 1925 Tulsa, Oklahoma married William Joseph Knittle.


Pat Shell: Researching descendants and ancestry of James Thomas Duggins,"born April 21, 1864; married to Martha Elizabeth Knupp in Union County, Illinois, March 1888. Father of Thomas Jefferson Duggins born March 1894. She has taken the line back to Ellick Duggins born in Ireland in 1725. 111 Salcedo Road Sikeston, Mo. 63801 573 471-1745

Elizabeth Dabbs: Researching John Duggins, brother of Cage and Pate Duggins. John's son is Nathan Duggins who married Mary Ellen Morris. This family's info can be found in the Turnbo Stories. 3617 Wings Way North Highland, Calif. 95660


Judy Waggoner Green: Researching descendants and ancestry of William H. Duggins and Cynthia Wise in Preble County, Ohio


Ruby " Don Snow: Researching descendants and ancestry of Steven Duggins Jr. and Patience Risley and their son Alexander Duggins" and wife Delina Johnson Condern and their son Macklin Cager Duggins. born 1834 in Missouri and wife Manerva Tabor.

Gary Duggins: Researching descendants and ancestry of Stephen Duggins Jr. and Patience Risley and their son Alexander Duggins and his wife Delina Johnson Condern and their son Macklin Cager Duggins and his son Benjamin Warren Duggins. He has much to share on this line.

Barb Duggins: Researching descendants and ancestry of Payton VirgilDuggins.

Debbie Hund: Researching descendants and ancestry of Alexander Duggins born about 1750 in Amherst County, Virginia. She has a wealth of wonderful information. Please visit her website on Rootsweb: de Hund Haus Genealogy

Kathleen Everett: Researching descendants and ancestry of Alexander Duggins born 1750 in Amherst County, Virginia down through Alexander Campbell Duggins and Martha Critchfield, John Medium Duggins and Amanda Elizabeth Pirtle, to Russell Dean Duggins.

Johnny Milnes: Researching descendants and ancestry of Alexander Duggins born 1750 in Amherst County, Virginia down through Alexander Campbell Duggins and Sarah Elizabeth (Taylor) Stinnett and their daughter Josephine (Josie) Bell Duggins.

Ila Graham Jacox: Researching descendants and ancestry of Moses (David?) Duggins born May 10, 1817 (bible record) in Kentucky, (census record). By 1840 he was in Howard County, Missouri. (National Archive records) and was wounded at the Battle of Pea Ridge in Arkansas. All of his children were born in Missouri. He married (date unknown) Elizabeth Louisa Smith, daughter of William Green Smith and Nancy Crider. The children of Moses and Elizabeth were; Nancy, Rhoda J., Matilda, Mary E., Martha F., and Henry D. Only one of the Duggins children married in Missouri: Nancy Elizabeth Duggins married August 17, 1861 to Alexander Moore in Randolph Missouri. The Duggins family came to California by wagon train in 1865 and my records for them since are fairly complete. Any clue you may have to Moses' parents and/or siblings would be very much appreciated.

Atsila'hawini (Lynn Ball): Researching descendants and ancestry of Zona Flossie (Lossie) (Barrett) Duggins Turner born May 21, 1887 and passed away February 11, 1981. She is buried in Whistler, Annex Cemetery, Alabama. She was married to LafayetteTurner.

Alice Burns Reynolds: Researching descendants and ancestry of Richard Duggins born about 1775 in Kentucky, believed to be a brother to Reuben Duggins. Married Elizabeth Wilson March 29, 1800 (have marriage record from Washington County, Indiana). She is the daughter of Moses Wilson. They resided in Harrison County, Indiana close to Reuben Duggins. Richard is said to have 10 children, but names for only 6 known:

1) Unk
2) Gabrie
3) Sarah Ann
4) Unk
5) Unk

6)Richard Jr.
7) Lavica
8) Unk
9) Zachariah
10) Jackson

Duggins married Nancy Ellison Sept 9, 1846, Harrison County, Indiana. Had children: John H.,"and Rebecca Duggins. Jackson died about 1854-56, Nancy married Phillip Frakes and her son John H. Duggins" took the Frakes name. Not certain what happened to daughters of Jackson and Nancy. John Frakes moved to Lawrence County, MO. with his step brother, William Frakes, son of Phillip Frakes and his first wife, Mary Brandenberg. Have information for most and pictures of John Duggins-Frakes and his descendants.


Troy Semple: Researching descendants and ancestry of Joseph T. Duggins. It is not known where he was born but he died in Broadwell, Logan County, Illinois. He married Henrietta Washer, date unknown. Had at least one daughter; Hazel Duggins, who married Ralph C. Colson. Joseph may have come from Kentucky.


Debbie Callison: Researching descendants and ancestry of Mary Ellen Duggins born about 1872 in Dugginsville, Ozark, Missouri. Her parents were Macklin Cager Duggins and Minerva C. Tabor. She marrried John/Jonathan Easley from Arkansas. They had children in Sequoia County and Haskell County, Oklahoma. Children are: Bertha, Emma, Grace, Rosetta, Gertrude, Myrtle, Ida, and Mack. Some of their children are buried in Duncan Cemetery.


Joyce Harris: " My line stops at Malinda Duggins who gives her birth date 1812 in Ark. Married John Yokum 1828 Lived in Lawrence Co. Mo. 1850 census with all their children. They sold their land in Lawrence Co. 1851 and came west to Oregon where there is much history here about them. The only other name I know of in Malinda's family is Henry Morton who she stated was a nephew who helped them drive a wagon on their trip west. Don't know any more of him. In my search I have located another Malinda Duggins.1880 from the line of Ellick Duggins b.1725, Alexander Duggins Sr. b. 1750, Daniel b. 1773, John b.1794, Malinda J.bnb.1850. So I think maybe I'm in the same family and somehow must find her spot. Do you know who is working on this line? I would like to touch base. I see that Stephen Duggins b. 1775 is a brother to Daniel Duggins b.1773, and that Stephen Duggins lived in Ozark when he died 1832, which gives me even more hope of the same family......Same time and region. Thank you for any help on this." 


Shirley Grant Farrell and Sandy Beard: Researching descendants and ancestry of Daniel Duggins and Sarah Stearman Stinnett. Her line is as follows: Daniel Duggins b. 1802 and Sarah Stearman Stinnett; Elijah Duggins b. 1827 and Rachel Foster; Rebecca Belle Duggins B. about 1870 and William Robert (W.R.) Gaddie; Zula Elsie Gaddie. 215 E. Gilbert St. Henrietta, Texas 76365 940-538-7459