Knittle, Fay, Weasner & Duggins Genealogy

Fay Allied Families

This page is under construction

I have been researching my Fay lineage for only a few months. I have found very little that is correct on I made the mistake of copying some of the information which is below. I am leaving it for the time being, because I feel that our Fay line may connect with these lines. Only the Miller line is correct at this time.


I also have begun to research all of the Fay allied families as well. I will be adding more allied lines in the future related to the recent findings of my grandfather's adoption. Those names, my real blood and DNA connections, will be Fay and Miller,  as well as Weasner and Fredericks, which are on other pages on this website. I will add new information as I find it.






Miller Family



White Family



Child (Mayflower Connection) Family



Hedge (Mayflower Connection) Family



Porter Family



Crosby (Bing Crosby Connection) Family