Knittle, Fay, Weasner & Duggins Genealogy

Fay Coat of Arms/Heraldry


The coat of arms and heraldry for the Fay name is best shared here with a few articles that I discovered. Many countries claim origin for the name. Researchers have decided that there are actually two distinct divisions for the Fay name, the French Branch and the Irish Branch. I believe that the research previously done and my DNA results indicate our Fay line is neither. We are from either Scotland, England, Wales or Germany. The French heraldry uses a dragon and the Irish heraldry uses a boar. Below are some links to information about the Coat of Arms and Heraldry.

The Fay Family Name and Crest History







Fay Heraldry and Coat of Arms

(Some of the  different versions below)


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gallery/fay hera 2


gallery/fay hera 3


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