Knittle, Fay, Weasner & Duggins Genealogy

Fay Story

At this time, I know very little about the history of the William Harrison Fay family in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. I am quite sure, however, that they do not belong to the famous and well-documented Fay family, which began in the 1600s in America. Most of what I know is contained on the Fay-Weasner Page. Although I have been in contact with a few of my Fay cousins, most are not very receptive to the knowledge of John Henry Fay being the father of Harry Emerson Knittle. They did not know about his first marriage to Hannah Aiken and his first daughter Elsie V Fay and some have not added this information to their trees.

I have asked for pictures of John Henry Fay and was pleased when one of my new cousins posted several photos for me on her tree. I have seen their information and the pictures of their direct ancestors in the family. There is definitely a resemblance in my family to John Henry Fay, his siblings and their children.

As I discover information about them, I will add it to this page. I will add more general information about each Fay ancestor and generation to the Fay Data Page.