Knittle, Fay, Weasner & Duggins Genealogy

George Knittle and Descendants  


Photos by Walter Knittle



Knittle Photographs From Walter Knittle
To help clarify who the people in the pictures are and how Walter Knittle connects to the Knittle genealogy, I have included his line back to Joseph Knittel/Knittle


Ancestors of Walter Benjamin Knittle



Generation No. 1

Walter Benjamin Knittle

Generation No. 2

Walter Wyman (Ben) Knittle, born 15 Jun 1910 in Olympia, Thurston County, Washington

Generation No. 3

Walter Knittle, born 18 Sep 1888 in Williamsport, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania

Children of Walter Knittle and Dorthea Young are:
i. Walter Wyman (Ben) Knittle
ii. Samuel Terrabeth Knittle
iii. Jonathan Emanuel Knittle
iv. David Dean Knittle

Generation No. 4

George Frederick Knittle, born 1848 in Muncy Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania


Children of GeorgeKnittle and Clara Pass are:
i. Walter Knittle,
ii. George H. Knittle,
iii. Elizabeth Knittle,

Generation No. 5

Johannes John Knittle, born 10 Sep 1814 in Muncy Township, Lycoming County,Pennsylvania


Children of Johannes Knittle and Margaret Hauck are:
i. Howard Knittle
ii. Caroline Knittle
iii. Margaret Anna Knittle
iv. Simon Knittle
v. George Frederick Knittle
vi. Mary Knittle
vii. Jane Knittle
viii. John William Knittle
ix. Frank Thompson Knittle
x. Alice Lavina Knittle
xi. Abram F. Knittle
xii. Charles B. Knittle

Generation No. 6

Johann Adam Knittle Sr. born 13 Feb 1781 in Schuylkill, Berks County, Pennsylvania

Children of Johann Adam Knittle Sr. and Elizabeth Taiger/Teysher/Deysher/Deischer are:
i. Hanna Knittle
ii. Elizabeth Knittle
iii. Maria Magdalene Knittle
iv. Sarah Knittle
v. Jacob Knittle
vi. Johannes John Knittle
vii. John Adam Knittle Jr
viii. Samuel Knittle
ix. Mary Knittle

Generation No. 7

Johan Freiderich K. Knittle, born 17 Dec 1757 in Richmond Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania

Children of Johan Knittle and Catharina/Katharina are:
i. Johann Adam Knittle Sr
ii. Johan Frederick Knittle
iii. John Henry Heinrich Knittle
iv. Elizabeth Knittle
v. Jonathan Knittle Sr
vi. Anna Maria Knittle
vii. Edna Knittle
viii. Jacob Knittle

Generation No. 8

128. Michael Joseph Knittel/Knittle, born 24 Nov 1733 in Schmiden, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg, Germany;

died 13 Jun 1789 in Richmond Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania.

Children of Michael Knittel/Knittle and Anna (Schats)(Shatzin) are:
i. Johan "Freiderich K. Knittle
ii. John Adam Knittel/Knittle
iii. Michael Jr. (Knittle) Knittel
iv. John George Knittle
v. Daniel Knittle
vi. Cristina Knittle
vii. Catherine Rosina Knittle
viii. Catharina Maria Knittle

Generation No. 9

Joseph (Josef) Knittel


gallery/knittle(uaaa) john & margaret knittle b. lycoming co. pa. 18

John Knittle and Margaret Hauck Knittle

gallery/knittle(ueeee) margaret 1820-1900 john 1819- 1884 knittles

John Knittle and Margaret Hauck Knittle 1884

gallery/knittle(ug) simon- george- or howard --margaret b

Simon, George or Howard, Margaret Hauck Knittle and unknown.

gallery/knittle(ugg) simmon knittle & wife

Simon Knittle and wife

gallery/knittle(uggg) simon knittlle  b

Simon Knittle born 1846

gallery/knittle(uiiii) jane  mary simon


Jane, Mary, and Simon Knittle

gallery/knittle(uj) jane 1856-1900

Jane Knittle 1856-1900

gallery/knittle(ujj) mary 1858 1909

Mary Knittle 1858-1909

gallery/knittle(ujjj) alice lavine knittle 1861-1919

Alice Lavine Knittle 1861-1919

gallery/knittle(uk) frank knittle & wife

Frank Knittle and wife

gallery/knittle(ukk) frank knittle taken 1900 pa

Frank Knittle taken 1900 Pennsylvania

gallery/knittle(uoo) clara pass married. geo. f. 1887

Clara Pass married George F. Knittle in 1887

gallery/knittle(utttt) walter knittle

Walter Knittle born 1888 Pennsylvania

gallery/knittle(uv) walter knittle

Walter Knittle

gallery/knittle(uvv) lizzy knittle

Elizabeth "Lizzy" Knittle

gallery/knittle(uvvv) lizzy knittle

Elizabeth "Lizzy" Knittle

gallery/knittle(uvvvv) lizzy knittle

Elizabeth "Lizzy" Knittle

gallery/knittle(uvvvvv) lizzy & doughter ina 1930

Lizzy and daughter Ina 1930

gallery/knittle(uw) lizzy 1965 pa

Lizzy 1965 Pennsylvania

gallery/knittle(uwwww)  george h knittle walter bro

George H Knittle Walter's brother WWI

gallery/knittle(v) dorothea & walter sunday before marriage

Dorothea and Walter Sunday before Marriage

gallery/knittle(vaa) walt & dorothea knittle1909

Walt and Dorothea Knittle 1909

gallery/knittle(vaaa) walt & dorothea knittle 1940  agr 50 & 51

Walt and Dorothea Knittle 1940 age 50 51

gallery/knittle(vaaaa) walt & dorothea knittle abt 1950

Walt and Dorothea Knittle about 1950

gallery/knittle(vbbbb) walter knittle

Walter Knittle

gallery/knittle(vdd)john- ben- sam dave  1926

John- Ben- Sam Dave 1926

gallery/knittle(vee) dave in front - john -sam- ben in back abt 1924

Dave in front - John -Sam- Ben in back about 1924-28

gallery/knittle(vnnnnn) knittles 1934-36

Knittles 1934-36

gallery/knittle(vo)1933-34 sam-- walter b--john--ben-- dave--dan & f

1933-34 Sam-- Walter B--John--Ben-- Dave--Dan Fritz

gallery/knittle(vww) ben , dave, john,  sam, & parents dorth & walte

Ben, Dave, John, Sam, parents Dorthea and Walter Knittle

gallery/knittle(w) joe, mike, walt , dan, gary, knittle 1943

Joe, Mike, Walt , Dan, Gary Knittle 1943