Knittle, Fay, Weasner & Duggins Genealogy

Knittel/Knittle Coat of Arms/Heraldry


The coat of arms for the Knittel/Knittle name is based on the Knittlingen coat of arms


Blazon Of Arms:

“Or, a terrace vert” and two clubs properly placed in saltire, handles in base.



Or (gold) represents the sun and indicates Power and Splendour.



A bearded man issuing vested or, holding a club proper over his sinister shoulder.



Germany (Knittlingen)
(Information above from "The Historical Research Center")

Blazon of Arms

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The Coat of Arms of Knittlingen

Heraldic coat of arms description: A gold abbot staff in silver, tied with two diagonally crossed black cuttings (the right to use this coat of arms was granted on August 27,1976 by the district office in Enzkreis)

Historical background: Knittlingen belonged to the rule of the Maulbronn monastery until 1840. The Maulbronn abbot is therefore in the coat of arms. Knittlingen was also referred to in the sources as cnuttelingen, cundelingen. The two crossed clubs (Knittel) symbolize knutel, knuttel (weapon, peasant weapon, shepherd's stick, thrashing.)



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(Information above from

"The Historical Research Center")

Blazon of Arms