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Most of the Knittle/Knittel lines in the United States appear to descend from Joseph/Josef Knittel, born Nov 23, 1705 in Schmiden, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg, Germany and Maria Magdalena Kauffmann born Aug 7, 1706 in also Schmiden, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg, Germany and his second wife, Regina Magdalena (Fueglin) Figel born Aug 26,1710 in Oberesslingen, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg, Germany.

Joseph and Maria had four children. Maria died two days after the birth of Michael Joseph Knittel in 1733. Joseph then married Regina. They had 11 children. Joseph and Regina arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1753, aboard the ship, the Patience. They arrived from Oberesslingen, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg, Germany. (Most of their descendants migrated north, east and west in Pennsylvania.) Records indicate that 6 of the children died in infancy or early childhood in Germany. Only two children were listed in the ship records; Michael Joseph Knittel born in 1733 and Johann Georg Knittel born in 1740. Four other children accompanied them (It was not unusual for younger children to be ommitted from the passenger lists or some may have stayed behind in Germany): Christina Friderica Knittel born 1743, Joseph Knittel Jr.born 1744. New information on (Joseph Knittel Jr. indicates that he did in fact come to America), Benjamin Knittel born 1745, Regina Margretha Knittel born 1750. Most of the Knittle desendants in America descend through Michael Joseph Knittel however, recently is has been discovered that Joseph Knittle Jr. had a family but his line only survived until the death of his twin daughters who had no children. Not much is known about the descendants of Johann Georg Knittel, however, we have recently discovereed that his descendants maintained the Knittel spelling. His line descends through Regina Magdalena Figel. Joseph Knittel descends from Stephan Knittel born about 1550 in Evangelisch, Groetzingen, Schwarzwaldkreis, Wuerttemberg, Germany. I believe that Stephan is related to, and possibly the son of, Georg Knittel, born between 1498-1538 and Appollonia from Hohenacker, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg, Germany. I have not been able to prove this. I received a query from a Knittle researcher a few years ago about a book called something like, 2000 Years of Knittles from Germany to Pennsylvania. Does anyone know about this book? This book is about a line that went to Russia. The Brickwalls: We are attempting to make the following connections:Ernst Knittel was born in Chemnitz, Germany in 1894. He came to America just before WWI. He married Lillian Botthof of Bronx, New York. They later moved to Flushing, New York. Does anyone know about this family? Adolph Knittle and Caroline Werner were the parents of Samuel Knittle born May 27, 1909. Samuel married Ethel? Do you know of this family? Joseph Michael Knittle was born March 27, 1884 in Butler or Tarentum Pennsylvania. He married Verna Mae Lardin. They had six children: Clarence J. Knittle, Alice Knittle, Joseph J. Knittle, Roy E. Knittle, C. Robert Knittle, and Howard R. Knittle. They left Pennsylvania and moved to Cleveland and Akron, Ohio. Does anyone know how this family may connect? Jonathan K. Knittle Jr. was born in Montour County and later moved to Lycoming County, Pennsylvania in 1843 and died in 1912. He lived in Unityville. His first wife was Hanna and second wife was Susyanna. His siblings were: William Knittle, Fay Knittle, Sara Knittle, and Amanda Elizabeth Knittle. Do you know how this family connects? Robert Knittle married Maria Ditchfield. He was born in Frackville, Pennsylvania in 1902. His siblings were: Harry Knittle, Bertha Knittle, Raymond Knittle, John Knittle, William Knittle, Allen Knittle, and Charles Knittle. Who were their parents? (this information is now in the Knittle data). John Henry Knittle was born in 1856 in Hamburg, Berks County, Pennsylvania. He died in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania in 1921. He had two sons: James Knittle and John Edward Knittle. To whom does this family connect? Does anyone connect to Knittles or Nettles from the Whitpaine or Whitemarsh, Pennsylvania areas? Edwin Lewis Knittle migrated from Pennsylvania to Washington State in about 1835. How does he connect to Abraham Knittle Jr. Hector Knittel had a son, Joseph Aloysius Knittel. He had a son, Joseph John Knittel, born about 1921. All were born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Does anyone have information on this family?



Susan Quentine Knittle-Hunter: Researching descendants and ancestry of Joseph Knittle and Maria Magdalena Kauffman. Her direct line is as follows: Michael Knittle and Anna Maria Schatz, Frederick Knittle and Catherina, Adam (Sr.) Knittle and Elizabeth Taiger, Adam (Jr.) Knittle and Sophia Day, Emerson Ellsworth Knittle and Sophia Spones, Harold Emerson Knittle and Elizabeth Agnes Sommer, William Joseph Knittle and Lahlee Duggins. Any information on the women's families would also be greatly appreciated.



Charles and Kathleen Heffner:  Researching the same Knittle lines as above.



 Kim Tyson:  Researching the same lines as above. She connects with Sara A. Knittle born July 12 1823 and Joseph Tyson born May 7, 1813 in Columbia County, Pennsylvania.



Tom Horton:  Researching his great great grandmother Susan Knittle. Her father was Daniel Knittle born 1818 in Schylkill County, Pennsylvania. He believes that he is the son of DanielKnittle born in 1792. He can't prove this. Can anyone help him? Tom has done a very extensive search of all the Knittles (every spelling) in the United States. He is very willing to share his information.



Dorothy McPherson:   Researching her grandfather, Joseph Knittle. He was born February 12, 1879 probably in Syracuse, New York. He died August 27, 1941 at the Veteran's Hospital in the Bronx, New York. He was some kind of engineer for the railroad. He was married to Laura (?) first and then to Nellie Stark. They had a daughter by the name of Voilet May. My great grandfather's name was Boniface Knittel, he was born May of 1849 and he died January 1911. His wife was Catherine (Benz was her maiden name) and she was born May 6, 1850 and died January 11, 1936. They had four children, Edward born 12/1876, Joseph born 2/1879, Frank born 12/1881 and Anna born 1/1889. Boniface came to this country in 1866 and Katherine came in 1868. Edward Knittel was born December 1876 in Syracuse New York. His wife's name was Mary and according to the 1920 Census she was born in 1883. That is the only information I have on her. The children are Edward born 1902, Anna born 1916, Mary born 1905, Julia born 1907 and Leonard born 1917. Also it listed Edward as a sailor.

This mystery has been partially solved!!! See the Knittle Data Page.
The Descendants of Bonifaz/Boniface Knittel/Knittle



Stephanie Ann Knittle:  Researching Harry G.Knittle's ancestry. He was born in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.



Ray and Gloria Strickland Knittle:  Researching her husband, Raymond Knittles lines. She has most of it done but needs to fill in ancestors and blank pages. The line is as follows: Raymond Knittle 1932 and Gloria A. Strickland to Earl William Knittle 1887 and Jessie Pearl Beddell, to Nathan Jonathan Knittle 1866 and Sarah Anna Hinderliter, to NathanKnittle 1814 and Lydia McCord, to Jonathan Knittle 1792 and Rebecca Anna. Research update: Our line goes as:

Raymond Charles Knittle m. Gloria A. Strickland,

We are now living in Missouri. (Both born in Denver Colorado. Married for 52 years. 3 children, 10 grands and 11 great's. I do have most of the children and marriage dates of the ancestors. I do have some missing and I am researching constantly for missing family. I do have the Tyson line in our line and I do have Susan's line in our line. We have a couple of old Knittle photos that we do not know who they are and I have an old one of Nathan Jonathan. We have one of Earl with a bunch of Cowboys up in Yellowstone driving buggies for tourists, Walking 60 miles to get there from wherever the train stopped from Salt Lake.) and one photo of Nathan Jonathan, Earl, Jessie and their first born William Knittle about 1917. Ray's father: Earl William Knittle b 1887 in Illinois, m Jessie Pearl Bedell b 1893, Nathan Jonathan Knittle b 1866 in Pennsylvania, m Sarah Anna Hinderliter b 1861, Nathan Knittle b 1814 in Pennsylvania, m Lydia McCord b abt 1828, Jonathan Knittle b abt 1792 Pennslvania, m Rebecca Anna ? Johan Frederich Knittle b 1757 in Pennsylvania, m Catharina ? b abt 1760, Michael Joseph Knittle b 1733 in Schmiden, Neckarkreis, Germany married Anna Maria Shatz b about 1735 in Pennsylvania ( evident that he didn't bring her from Germany) Joseph Knittle b Nov 23, 1705 in Schmiden, Neckarkreis, Germany married Maria Magdalena Kauffmann born Aug 7, 1706. This is Ray's direct line.


Janet Baughman:  Researching Polly Knittle born about 1830 and died in 1865 in Sandusky, Erie County, Ohio. She was married to Jacob Summers born in 1825.


Wayne E. Shannon Jr:  Researching the descendants of Francis Harvey Knittle born March 24, 1871 in Beaver Township, Columbia County, Pennsylvania. His line is: Francis Harvey Knittle, John Eutis Knittle, Anna Mae Theresa Knittle.

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