Knittle, Fay, Weasner & Duggins Genealogy

Lahlee Duggins Photographs and Data

(Unfortunately, most of the Lahlee Duggins Knittle family photographs from the early years were destroyed by an angry in-law. If anyone has photos of Lahlee as a child or young woman or her family, they would be most welcome.)

To help clarify who the people in the pictures are and how Lahlee Duggins connects to the Duggins genealogy, I have included her line back to Ellick Duggins.


Lahlee Duggins Family Line



Generation No. 1
Lahlee Duggins
She married (1) William Joseph Knittle. She married (2) Frank Anthony Morrell
Children of Lahlee Duggins and William Knittle are:
i. Raymond George10 Knittle,
ii. William Joseph Knittle, Jr
iii. Susan Quentine Knittle,*
iv. Richard Michael Knittle,

Generation No.2
Louis "Denzel"Duggins
He married (1) Quentine "Tiny" Juanita Alsup He married (2) Geraldine Mae Lawrence He married (3) Bernadine Pearl Smart
Children of Louis Duggins and Quentine Alsup are:
i. Lahlee Duggins*
ii. Barbara Lee "Rusty" Duggins
Child of Louis Duggins and Geraldine Lawrence is:
i. Jeannette Gloria Duggins
Children of Louis Duggins and Bernadine Smart are:
i. Billie Dean Duggins
ii. Jackie Carolyn Duggins
iii. Frances Elizabeth Duggins
iv. Nedra Marie Duggins

Generation No. 3
William "Leonard" Duggins
He married Carrie (Caria) Adeline Alexander, He married Lester May Hobgood, He married Mary Viola Wilskey, He married Freida.
Children of William Duggins and Carrie Alexander are:
i. William Sanderson Duggins
ii. Russell Duggins
iii. Alex "Jack" Duggins,
iv. Louis "Denzel" Duggins*
v. W. L. Duggins,
vi. Mary "Lovella" Alexander Duggins,
Children of William "Leonard" Duggins and Mary Viola Wilskey:
i. Edward Theodore Duggins

Generation No. 4
Alexander Campbell Duggins
He married Martha "Mattie" Critchfield, He married (2) Sarah (Gardard) Goddard He married (3) Sarah Elizabeth Taylor He married (4) Minerva Jane Cotter He married (5) Cynthia
Children of Alexander Duggins and Martha Critchfield are:
i. Louis Edward Duggins.
ii. William "Leonard" Duggins.*
iii. John Medium Duggins.
Children of Alexander Duggins and Sarah Goddard are:
i. Clara Duggins
Children of Alexander Duggins and Sarah Elizabeth Taylor are:
i. Josie "Rebecca" Belle Duggins
ii. Mary Elizabeth Duggins
iii. Daniel "Reuben" Duggins

Generation No. 5
Daniel Duggins
He married Mary Ann Kidd
Children of Daniel Duggins and Mary Kidd are:
i. Alexander Campbell Duggins,*
ii. James F. Duggins,
iii. Ellen Jane Duggins,
iv. Daniel Wilson Duggins,
v. John L. Duggins,
vi. Mary Susan Duggins,
vii. Martha Elizabeth "Fannie" Duggins,
viii. George "William" Duggins,
viii. Lindsay (Linzie) Maywood Duggins,
ix. x. Child Duggins, died Unknown.

Generation No. 6
John Duggins
He married Martha "Patsy" Luttrell
Children of John Duggins and Martha Luttrell are:
i. Daniel Duggins*
ii. Mahala "Hailey" Duggins,
iii. Wilson Duggins,
iv. Nancy Duggins,
v. Malinda "Jane" Duggins,
vi. William Duggins,
vii. Telitha (Talitha) Cumi "Lythie" Duggins,
viii. Sanna (Sarina) Duggins,
ix. Laura Duggins,
x. Martha Elizabeth Duggins,
xi. Amanda Duggins,
xii. John Richard Duggins,
xiii. Martha J. Duggins,

Generation No. 7
Daniel Sr. Duggins
He married Elizabeth.
Children of Daniel Duggins and Elizabeth are:
i. John Duggins*
ii. Alexander Duggins
iii. Thomas Duggins,
iv. Jesse Duggins,
v. Daniel Jr. II Duggins,
vi. Mahala Duggins.

Generation No. 8
Alexander Sr Duggins
He married Mary
Children of Alexander Duggins and Mary are:
i. David Sr. Duggins,
ii. Elijah Duggins,
iii. Alexander Jr Duggins,
iv. Daniel Sr. Duggins*
v. Richard Duggins,
vi. Priscilla Duggins,
vii. Stephen Duggins, Sr.
viii. Reuben Duggins,

Generation No. 9
Ellick Duggins
He married Alice
Children of Ellick Duggins and Alice are:
i. Ellick Jr Duggins,
ii. Alexander Sr Duggins*
iii. William Thomas Duggins,
iv. Benjamin Duggins.

Generation No. 10
Ellick Duggins*


The Family Photo Album



Lahlee Duggins 1926 or 1927


Lahlee (b 1925) and Barbara Duggins

(b 1927) abt 1929. Daughters of Quentine Juanita Alsup and Louis Denzel Duggins.


Lahlee and Barbara


Lahlee and brother William Winfield Noyes Jr. abt 1938


Lahlee and brother William Winfield Noyes Jr. abt 1938


(L to R) Lahlee Duggins, Quentine Jaunita Alsup Noyes, William Winfield Noyes Sr (2nd husband), Barbara Alsup, William Winfield Noyes Jr. (front).

gallery/dugginssusan baptism day

Lahlee Duggins Knittle with Susan Quentine Knittle on Baptismal Day in 1948


Lahlee Duggins Knittle 1948 Christmas

gallery/william knittle sr family 1949 christmas

Christmas 1949 Lake St. (L to R) William Jr (in lap), William Sr, Raymond, Lahlee, Susan (in lap), Richard in front


(Back Row) Ray Knittle, Lahlee Duggins Knittle, Louis "Denzel" Duggins, Carrie Adeline Duggins (Front Row) Richard Knittle, William Knittle Jr., Susan Q. Knittle. 1955 San Bernadino, California


(Back Row) Ray Knittle, Jackie Duggins, Lahlee Duggins Knittle, Frankie Duggins (With Mike) Nedra Duggins, (Front Row) Susan Q. Knittle, William Knittle Jr., Richard Knittle. 1955 San Bernadino, California


Family about 1959. FR L to R... Mike (Richard), Susie, Lahlee, Butch (Ray), Back Row L to R..."Brud" Bill Jr.), Bill Sr


Lahlee and Susan about 1960


Lahlee in her Sears cafeteria uniform about 1963. She was the manager of the Employees' Cafeteria in Santa Monica, California


William "Sonny", Lahlee, Quentine, Barbara 1965


Knittle Family Christmas about 1967


Lahlee and grandaughter Tammy on trip to Oklahoma and Pennsylvania at the painted desert in 1969


Lahlee at her favorite place on earth, Sequoia National Park, cooking in a cabin, 1970


Lahlee at Sequoia 1970


Lahlee and Tammy at Sequoia 1971


Lahlee at Sequoia 1972

gallery/epson002 (2)

Lahlee and William Joseph "Bill" Knittle Sr. at Christmas 1972


Lahlee about 1975


Lahlee Grand Canyon 1976


Lahlee and Susie 1984 at Family Reunion at Oak Park, Moorpark, California


Raymond, Susan, Lahlee, Richard and William Jr in San Bernardino, California in October 1997. The last time Mom and all kids were together.


Lahlee and sisters at Duggins Reunion 1999 in Yucaipa, California (L to R) Lahlee, Barbara, Jeanette, Jackie, Frances and Nedra


Lahlee at the Cabin, Manorlands, Utah 2000


Lahlee Duggins with youngest great grandson Carson Jeffrey Knittle Sept 25, 2002 Salt Lake City, Utah


Lahlee on 80th Birthday with Molly March 15, 1925 in Grants Pass, Oregon


Lahlee Duggins Knittle Morrell age 82 Mother's Day 2007 Grants Pass, Oregon


Lahlee at Crater Lake National Park in Oregon August 2007


Lahlee and Susie Christmas Day 2007 in Grants Pass, Oregon